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Relaunching the iSource Store with a new cart design to accommodate consulting fees is our challenge today, we will be selling products that support your business.

Consulting units for small business, web design, hardware, books, photography etc. will all be available as we add them to the new shopping cart.

Identifying, Underwriting Quality and accepting unique product manufacturers that can be marketed to Canadian Small Business is an ongoing process. Contracting with corporations that would like a sales and marketing presence and/or a distributor in Canada will be a priority.


Free initial consultations remove the barriers to access 20 plus years of small business consulting experience. If you can communicate what you want clearly in a scope of work we can provide you with an accurate quote and term sheet. Import Export, finance, loans, sales and marketing, business plans, Merger and Aquasition, data mining, etc is available in house so we will be able to take on a diverse set of projects. Check out iSource Zone for details


Outsourcing can bridge you to new profits that may not be attainable with your existing resources, through a proven network of associates that we have developed over the years we allow you to leverage existing business.


Publishing a professional blog is going to take input from other editors. If you think that you would benefit from being an author for iSource Communications Corp. please let us know at iSource Blog.

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